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How to Transition Through Seasons of Change

Navigating through change is hard for anyone, but can especially be hard as we get older. Change can have serious effects on the mind and body, so it is important to be aware of the changes occurring and finding different ways to navigate through them. Here are some of the common transiti…

What Qualities Make a Good Mentor?

A mentor is a friend, co-worker, peer, or a college alumnus in your life that helps you thrive in your career. They can provide you with knowledge on what’s worked for them, insights, and experiences that you may not see. Additionally, a mentor offers guidance, feedback, and support to help you …

Three Personal Development Goals to Get Ahead at Work

Personal development goals are important because they lead to career advancement and improvements in all areas of your life. The following examples of development goals may help you learn new things, strengthen your abilities, or become more effective in your role. Nurture emotional intel…
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Benefits of Strong Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace and When Job Hunting

The foundation of a great career is interpersonal skills. These skills embody your ability to get along with others, communicate effectively, and take constructive criticism. No matter if you work as a nurse in a skilled nursing facility or want to be an administrative assistant, you will need t…

How to Compare Job Offers

Congratulations on receiving multiple job offers! Now, it’s time to decide which job is the right fit for you. Read on to discover factors to consider. You’ll want to weigh the full picture, which entails more than just salary alone. Before you make a commitment, consider these six factors in…

How to Prevent Burnout in The Workplace

Burnout was coined by the psychologist, Herbert Freudenberger. This term describes a severe stress-induced condition that leads to physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. It differs from ordinary fatigue or stress because burnout is a long-term condition that makes it challenging for people …

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