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How to Prevent Burnout in The Workplace

Burnout was coined by the psychologist, Herbert Freudenberger. This term describes a severe stress-induced condition that leads to physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. It differs from ordinary fatigue or stress because burnout is a long-term condition that makes it challenging for people to cope with day-to-day responsibilities. It can leave people dreading getting out of bed in the morning or feeling hopeless, and it’s not a condition that disappears on its own.

Here are Six Tips to Prevent Burnout

  1. Work with purpose: When you feel that your career makes an impact on others’ lives, the world, or a cause that you believe in, it gives you a motivational boost.
  2. Find ways to detach: Don’t wait for a vacation to help you get back to equilibrium. During the workweek, dedicate some time to do things for yourself such as exercising or engaging in your favorite pastimes.
  3. Unplug during off hours: Maintaining a healthy work life balance is crucial to avoiding burnout. Set a clear time to log off and resist the urge to check your email after hours.
  4. Know your boundaries: If you’re frequently pulling yourself in dozens of directions to juggle family obligations, work, housekeeping, and other responsibilities you’re more likely to burnout. Define what you’re able to complete, ask for assistance when you need it, and set manageable goals.
  5. Learn to manage stress: Consistent stress can lead to burnout. Take time to manage stress by talking to a loved one, practicing deep breathing, and other relaxation techniques to unwind.
  6. Reach out to someone: Share your concerns or worries with someone that you can trust. Communicating your issues can help you discover new solutions to your challenges.

Warning Signs of Burnout

Look out for the following signs that may indicate you’re approaching burnout:

  1. Frequently experiencing low energy
  2. Having trouble sleeping
  3. Feeling physical aches or pains
  4. Getting easily irritated

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