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Building Your Personal Brand Statement

What would you say if you were in an elevator with me and only had 30-60 seconds to tell me why I should hire you? Remember, this may be your only chance make a memorable impression. This is your elevator pitch or personal brand statement.

You will want to take this approach when building your resume and online social media profiles. Highlighting your attributes with a personal brand statement will bring your resume summary to a whole new level. Take care to not inflate your virtues. Be authentic, so you are in a position to explain how you will add value to their company.

Steps to Building a Personal Brand Statement

Creating your personal brand does not mean listing everything that makes you an expert in your field. It is listing information the employer will need to know to assess the likelihood of you fitting into their organization. It is all about creating a common bond that will land you an interview. Use these questions to create a standout personal brand statement that will share your strengths and highlight how you will add value:

  • What do you care deeply about? What is your passion? Take a moment to brainstorm all the things you passionately care about. Do not limit yourself by focusing only on those related to work. Personal activities and interests will often contribute to your professional career.
  • Define how you make things happen. These are your attributes. You may need some help from those around you. Ask people you trust to give you feedback on how they perceive your ability to accomplish tasks.
  • What motivates you that, in turn, will benefit your employer? The way people introduce you to others is a hint. Are you known to be a go-to person? Why? If you left your company, what gap would you leave?
  • Do you stand out among peers? What can you offer a new employer that no one else can? Do you have a sense of humor that quickly diffuses tense situations? Are you able to build relationships across teams and bring unity? Have you handled more than just a handful of emergencies in a capable, strategic manner? 
  • What is your vision? What is your purpose? What are your goals? How will you inspire and motivate? If you could solve anything, what would it be? Answering these questions gives you your ‘vision’. How you make your vision a reality is your ‘purpose’.

Does your vision include enhancing the lives of seniors? Do you see yourself working for a dynamic company that encourages their employees to make a positive impact on those around them? If you answered, “yes” to these questions, Wesley Enhanced Living may be the place for you.

We are seeking individuals who have a passion for serving the aging population. Our tight communities of professionals work together, embracing our mission to make a positive impact in the lives of our residents. 

If you want to make a compelling difference in the lives of others, are enthusiastic about life-long learning, and are seeking employment where your strengths will be valued, then please learn more about Wesley Enhanced Living’s career opportunities

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Our Employees are Why WEL is ranked #4 in the Nation!

At Wesley Enhanced Living, we have cultivated a Culture of Kindness, Compassion, and Respect where our employees are able to bring their full self to work doing what they love! Our employees are made to feel welcome right from Day 1 and we have created an environment where employees can learn and grow and truly make an impact in the lives of others. We strive to provide excellence in service and promote forward thinking and innovation as we work to enhance the lives of our residents every day.

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